Moodle Update Coming Fall 2015

Our University’s Moodle will be using Moodle 2.7 in the Fall 2015 semester.  Your course will not be in this location.  To get to Moodle 2.7 please make sure the URL says and not  Below is the link to that site.

Moodle 2.7

Additional information for students will be posted here as the conversion date approaches.


Instructors can find more information on this Help Desk web page.

Moving Old Courses. Moving your old courses to the updated Moodle must occur before you can import your content into your Fall 2015 course.

To move your content to the updated version of Moodle:

1) Click here or cut and paste this URL into your browser (

2) Input your CLID and password

3) Select which courses you want to appear in the updated Moodle from the list of courses in which you are listed as an editing teacher in Moodle 2.2

4) Press “submit” to process the electronic request form